Saturday, 13 February 2010

Women and men do think, process, perceive differently!

13 February 2010

Sometimes I think our “detailed meeting minutes” and addendums and such are getting way beyond being “accurate/ truthful/ keeping things clear for the future/ stopping the he-said, she-said mill” … and sometimes I think it is sad that we have to go to such lengths… Of course, ideally we cut the past loose and let it rest (though keeping in mind the lessons learned). And then, ideally, we just follow YOU (Your word, Your Spirit, the circumstances and providences as You set them before us), starting anew, just walking right in Your footsteps (not ahead of You, not running off on rabbit-trails of our own making, not turning around again and again to dredge up the past – hmmm… “remember Lot’s wife!” )… Oh Father, please let it be!

Well, one thing I did pick up in these meetings… men and women really do think and process and perceive and work toward solutions differently! The women love to think things through orally/written in great detail, including the emotional aspects; while the men want to cut through all that and find a concise, logical solution and get on with it.

And maybe I want… well, what? Oh Father, I do want to hear Your voice… while maybe recognizing those differences and trying to find ways to honor them in love??? Please help me, if that is part of what Your will is for me in the middle of all this?

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