Saturday, 1 May 2010

what if? what if one of Your children actually told You to "get lost!"

May 1, 2010

Papa… what if?

What if one of Your children actually told You to “get lost!”

I wonder, could a true child of Yours actually do that? I mean, I think (yes, I know from my own journey with You) that they could try to run and hide for awhile (for many different reasons, none of which are truly You, or truly caused by You).
But how could a child of Yours, once having experienced Your saving Love, really turn – and totally spurn – You? I just can’t imagine how anyone who has truly known Your love, truly known You as their Savior and Father, could turn away from You like that…

Sometimes I do wonder about that. I sometimes wonder if our “scare them out of hell and into Heaven” tactics, or our “4 spiritual laws presented to a stranger on the street corner” tactics, or our “emotional altar call” tactics, or whatever other “tactics” we have employed to “draw people to God,” have actually resulted in “decisions” that weren’t really decisions for You at all. That scares me. It really does.

But Papa. I know my own children. I know their hearts. I know that each one of them has really accepted You, given their hearts to You, loved You, sought to follow You. I know that the world (and its ruler) has thrown loops at them that have caused them to sometimes falter (just as it has for me). Yet all along, I have seen them seeking You, even in the midst of mistakes and stumbling and wrong choices sometimes; and in those times, turning their faces away, feeling shame and fear and unworthiness …

Just as I have myself. Repeatedly. In various ways. And yet You keep loving me, calling me, reaching out to me. Assuring me of Your love and of my eternal salvation in You.

And over and over You have given me such peace that my children are Your children. And that You really, really, truly ARE drawing them ever closer to You. Drawing them deep into the love relationship with You that is too wonderful to truly turn away from. Your love that never fails, even when all else fails. Your love that is truly, really, forever secure! They may not even “feel” it or “understand” it some (or even a lot) of the time. But that doesn’t negate the truth of Your love. And in their heart of hearts, they do know. And they do not reject You. They ARE being drawn in to Your love. They DO believe. They are secure in You!

And I know that You are drawing their spouses (and their spouses’ families, too, as we bring them before Your throne of grace!). And my grandchildren too! Yes! Thank You!

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