Saturday, 1 May 2010

so... back to that dream ... and no fear - because of You!

May 1, 2010

So Papa. I don’t know what these renewed attacks on my children – and this terrifying dream – and these nit-picking, doubting voices are all about exactly. But I do know that we are to expect the enemy to attack. (Which is another reason why it is so awesome to be able to abide in You, securely, in Your love!).

Maybe the enemy is upset about this journey I’m on – yes, this “ministry” you’ve placed me in, You reaching out to others, through me, with Your word of grace! You and I, together.

And maybe it’s because he’s upset because he, too, sees You and my children, growing in relationship – and others in their lives being drawn into relationship with You, too.

And maybe – I’m pretty sure: I believe it is You who just showed me this – Okay, I actually do believe that You are using that terrible dream to wake me up – again – to the reality of negative (evil!} spiritual powers, in the spiritual realms. And to cause me to draw even closer to You. Calling me, holding out Your arms, so that I will come running into them, especially when I start get distracted by things… Thank You!

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