Saturday, 8 May 2010

centered on You


6 May 2010

Good “Words From the Creator” today (at Tribes of Christ.)

Words From the Creator, May 6, 2010, Robert Soto.
1 Kings 3:14

“….. we have forgotten the Creator. We have taken our life into our own hands, and we have made ourselves masters of our own destiny. We have forgotten what it means to honor God and to obey His desires for our lives.
God the Creator told Solomon, ‘And if you walk in my ways and obey my statutes as David your father did, I will give you a long life.’ A long life that defines our relationship with God the Creator, who gives all man life to its fullest.
When we forget God and do as we desire, we forget how precious is each breath we take.”

Walk and obey as David did. David loved the commands and statutes of the Lord. But he loved them because he loved God, walked with God, was in relationship with God. And he understood the difference between “fearing” God so that, on the one hand, every little rule and regulation became what life was all about; and on the other hand, living in “the fear of God,” reverencing and worshiping Him because he knew and experienced God’s love. David and God were friends!

(And David’s understanding of that fear/fear difference is demonstrated, for example, in the “show-bread” incident – which Jesus Himself pointed back to).

I think the reason this quote spoke so clearly to me today is that as I read through those old postings, I was reminded – by You! – of what is key (the hub, the core) for my writing. All the things I am learning about being a self-employed writer are useful: but only if our relationship (Yours and mine) is always at the center (centered on You) and affects every thing I think and do.

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