Thursday, 20 May 2010

an amazing wonderful word from You, for me - for us! Thank You!

19 May 2010

Dear Jesus...
I am reading from Matthew, about You - and I am just praying right
now that I will heart Your words, Your Spirit, speaking to me in this

(I don't want to sound demanding, but I would sure love to hear Your
voice in one of those "My child" conversations we used to have...

Please? Your will be done, of course! :-) Thank You!)

Norma, My child,

For so many years you have asked Me - begged Me - to draw your
husband into My arms.

This is one of those drawing times.

I am unfolding My will and My purposes into his heart - and life.
You will be able to watch his very heart open and bud and bloom like
a beautiful flower, like a rich, deep-toned tulip opening to My sun,
My light.

Yes, it is My word that is warning you, cautioning you, (requesting
you!) (with love!) to hold back your own worries, thoughts, ideas ...
your planning ...

and to just be peaceful and quiet and accepting, affirming, loving...
letting him step into My plans for him without making him feel he is
being "irresponsible" or looked down upon or disapproved.

His heart is fragile. He longs to be approved, to be a man that you
can be proud of.

Yes, over the years I have been softening his heart, breaking down
the walls, healing the hurts of his childhood, the pain of his entire
people. And preparing him to step out boldly! and confidently! into
the work I have planned for him.

He needs you alongside, loving him, supporting him, affirming him,
lifting him up and bringing encouragement, hope, joy, into a life
that has been so unsure, afraid of what I might ask that he could
never fulfill it.

He can't, of course, on his own - that is the way I do things! He
needs to learn to depend on Me just as you have needed to learn - and
still are learning.

(You also have a way to go, of course, but you know I am with you...)

He needs to see I am with him, too - and when he sees you stand
alongside him, loving, approving, encouraging, sharing, caring, he
will see that I too am there with him.

You are his helpmeet. I have given you to him, and him to you, a
gift to each other, to walk together with Me,to do My will, fulfill
My purposes, lead others - yes, your children! and their families!
and all the others you have loved and prayed for, to Me.

And others, too. Others I will send into your lives for you to love
and lead and care for together.

Now you will start to experience marriage as I intend it to be,
centered in Me and reaching out to the family I have given you and to
a much larger, greater family, who are waiting for you to be their
parents, to love them and to lead them, shepherd them, My flock, to

Can you do that? For Me? With Me?!? Can you? Will you? No matter
where I take you, both of you? Are you ready to step on, on mission,
on adventure, with Me?

Keep trusting Me. Keep your heart - and your eyes and ears - and
your hands, too, open to Me. I will lead! I will provide! For all
your needs!

I will pick you up and carry you both in the places where you cannot
walk, cannot stumble, even one more step, on your own. Just let
everything go and trust in Me. I am all you need. I am your All.

Be Mine. Always. I really do love you - both! You are both mine
and I am walking with you, loving you, upholding you, caring for you,
teaching you, carrying you, leading you, providing for all your
needs, every step of life's journey - until you join me, both of you,
in the beautiful celestial city, in the mansion (or perhaps the cabin
by the sea!) that I am preparing for you.

(I know what you need and desire and long for. And yes, I do give
good gifts to My children!)

I love you both. You are mine! I am hugging you right now! Hug Me,
hold onto Me, cling to Me. I will never let you go - so don't ever
let go of Me!


Thank You, Papa, Jesus, Holy Spirit. Thank You.
I don't know what else to say...
I ask for just a little word from You -
and You give me so much more -
present peace,
future assurance,
hope, joy,
laughter! :-) dancing laughter!
Thank You!!! Amen!!!
Amen!! :-) Thank You!

(Help me! Please! To follow You, obey You,
honor You -
and to love, obey, and honor my dear dear husband too - 100%!!)
(Or maybe even 110% to make up a bit for what I haven't, in the past,

eh... :-' )

Thank You!

[And then I read "today's reading" from Matthew 14 ... and I wrote
... Oh my goodness! This is all about Your provision and miraculous
power and how You uphold (and rescue) Your children - even when they
doubt and begin to sink! Wow! Thank You, Lord, for this confirmation
of the words You have been speaking to me! Wow! Again! Thank You!!!


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