Friday, 13 November 2009

bringing together the "church in our community/ area"... and learning to wait for Your timing (again, still!)

November 11, 2009

At work (church office) I put a shelf set out on the front porch with “free, help yourself” magazines, Bibles, Daily Breads, etc, as well as some candy, kids books, and other miscellaneous items. And I am getting more and more “company” these days, as folks drop by to chat. Today one of the men who go to this church brought in a French Vanilla Coffee and an apple fritter from Timmy’s… and we had a nice chat!

Today at work I started putting together a list of churches and para-church organizations, etc in Penticton/South Okanagan, with names of pastors/ principals/ directors, phone numbers, email and website addresses. Maybe I should add fax numbers as well. I am going to finish it tomorrow, and send it by email to ask them to make any updates, etc.

I have also been posting on the outside bulletin board, announcements we get from other churches in the community. I keep looking for ways to “bring together” the “church at Penticton/ South Okanagan.”

November 12, 2009

I actually worked (lol) at work today. I got that chart of the area churches etc done and emailed. And immediately I received back a bunch of enthusiastic responses. I also did the church bulletin. And made posters for front and back doors saying where to go for the Another Chance Ministries (Pastor P’s) coffee times and Sunday breakfast and service.

A neat thing happened at work today. The lady who is in charge of the “prayer ministry” came in because someone had called and asked her to pray with him. She brought her hubby along because she didn’t really know this guy who wanted prayer. Anyway, the guy didn’t turn up. But another young man came by, looking for Pastor P, not realizing the coffee time had been moved to another location. So he was telling them how he needed to get back to his home in Ontario to help with a family situation. They checked into his story… and when it came up true, they bought him a plane ticket. His mom in Ontario, who they were talking to on the phone, was so happy and relieved. They thought they were coming in for one reason, but really You brought them in for another!

November 13, 2009

I was talking to hubby this morning again about restarting some kind of “Sunday soup” thing… but again he said, “Not yet…” I get so eager to “get going” with my ideas… but it seems like, mostly, Your plans take longer… and that’s good, because 1. Your timing is perfect, and 2. Things that are rushed into generally aren’t well thought out, (not to mention that they are just “my” ideas…), and 3. Most things that are truly important (perhaps all!?!) involve relationships… and relationships can’t be rushed! (and a lot of other reasons, too, now that I begin thinking about it!).

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