Saturday, 7 November 2009

please replace the politics with love and unity... and family conversation at church in the park

Sept 20, 2009

Lord: Father, Holy Spirit, dear Jesus –

Thank You for putting it on my heart to pray for that church these last few minutes. Dear Jesus, please bring Your children together in love and unity instead of distrust and anger! Oh Father, bring forgiveness and healing and redemption (that wasn’t the word I was thinking of, but I feel that is the Word You want me to pray – and maybe some day I’ll look back and understand … but even if not – YOUR WILL BE DONE because it is PERFECT! YAY! Yes! Thank You! Praise Your Holy Name!

I don’t know what today’s “announcement” at the church will be – and I really did seriously think of going… but when it came time this morning, I felt You telling me to stay home.. and then You called me to PRAY! Oh dear God, please, please do Your work among Your people at that church!!

Dear God! I did see You at work among Your children at church-in-the-park this morning! There must have been 90 to 100 people go through – I don’t know, there were sure a lot! And goodness, I’m sure more than 20 stayed for “service” – well, more, I think! – and a lot of them were really street people, not so many “helpers” … and You brought J and T again… and that young couple with their little family (who really are thinking of making it their “church family” … or whatever we call it! Eh!).

But what was really neat, Papa, was that young Jewish guy, A, was there, and he was “theologizing” anyone who would listen (I talked to him a bit, and he just really wanted to give his viewpoint, Papa – and he just, I don’t know, assumed mine… and everyone else’s… would be wrong… Oh Papa, he is seeking his roots, and he wants to follow You truly… please help him to find relationship and love in You, Papa, Jesus, Holy Spirit… thank You!).

Anyway, Pastor P’s message from You today was a lot of Your promises, from throughout Your Word – and while there were a few comments along the way, he said the discussion would follow the readings, and his teachings throughout it… and then, when he was done, “family conversation” started and people were just talking together and among themselves… and it just seemed to me like You just brought joy and yes, unity, among Your family – relationship, fellowship – and there was just no space for “doctrinal disagreement” at all (which had been going on in the background all morning… I think You wanted Your child to see that! to experience Your love, Your Presence, Your Spirit in the midst of Your people (without a whole lot of deep, theological discussion!). Thank You!

Oh dear God, please be with Your children at that church right now! Bring unity, bring love, bring tears of repentance and forgiveness and love – oh dear God, please bring Your redemption into their midst – I do see what You mean! (At least I see it a little… that is an amazing word… and action… with outcomes that ripple out and out – and change everything! That bring Your creation, Your children, all of it, back to You – oh dear Heavenly Father!

“Your kingdom come, Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven…
Forgive us our trespasses – as we forgive those who trespass against us…
Deliver us from evil – For Your’s is the kingdom, power, glory forever!

Oh dear Father, pour out Your Spirit, I pray! Right now! In Jesus’ name! Thank You, Lord! Forgive us! Forgive me! (even – especially – my pride in “steering clear of all the politics,” Lord! Lord, I don’t understand the politics, I don’t understand the need for it, I don’t understand carrying on old hurts, old grudges, I don’t understand the mistrust and anger and assumption of evil!!! And yet, how many, many times have I been there myself? I am SO not “above” it – Yet You HAVE been bringing me out of it – and it out of me… oh dear God, heal the others also… and continue to heal me, for I am sure those old roots have run deep… and the enemy longs to dig deep into the past – oh dear God, it is a FORGIVEN past … help me leave it behind (just as You told me this morning to “leave behind” the speaking of things I used to do!).

So many wonderful lessons from You this morning! Thank You! Amen! Hallelujah! Amen!

A Word from You now?

Norma, My child, I love you. Oh child, keep your heart soft and keep your ears open to the still, small voice of My Spirit. I have great plans for you… but your heart must be gentle, humble, utterly childish (innocent, trusting in MY wisdom, not your own…”

… my own arrogance? Papa? That “polite” looking down on others… disdainful…

Papa, when You said “childish” I wanted to write “childlike” … but You definitely said “childish” … You really want me to be Your CHILD!!! A little one, sitting on Your knee, total trust, total love, total humility… like my little grandson when he just suddenly puts his little head on our shoulders, and sinks into our arms, like he’s just soaking up our love and pouring his love into us! Man oh man…  Thank You! Woooo!!!

… later…

I went for a walk, and ran into D&L… L went to that church this morning. She said the pastor announced his resignation effective the end of the month.

Oh dear. Well Papa, I prayed for Your will.

(She said everyone cried).

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