Saturday, 7 November 2009

Your church, Your body, is so much more than I can ever imagine - and You love it!!!

Sept 14, 2009

(Thank You for showing me – and confirming, in conversation with A & R – that Your church is so much more than I can ever imagine – just as You are! – and that even with all its imperfections and all the humanness and frailty and foolishness and yes, evil too, that it sometimes absorbs, You are always preparing it as Your beautiful, forever bride, loving, caring, encouraging, making more beautiful, perfecting – wrapped in Your amazing, wonderful, spotless, totally dependable, trustworthy, eternal, perfect LOVE! How amazing! Maybe we’ve “screwed up” incredibly for 2000 years nearly, maybe we’ve created “systems” that look more to the world than to You, too often… but still You love Your church, You nourish it, You build Your kingdom, You reign in glory and majesty – and Your people love You – and each other, Your family, Your body – despite, through, all the bickering and sadness and foolishness and lack of trust and faith in You.

Father, please help me also see YOU alone in every detail of YOUR CHURCH – YOUR BODY! Yay!  Yes! Thank You! Wow! Praise God!

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