Saturday, 7 November 2009

wonderful time at church in the park

Sept 6, 2009

Today (Sunday) I made devilled eggs – well, at church-in-the-park we call them sanctified eggs, lol! … from the 2 dozen eggs I boiled last night. I really jazzed them up – Mrs. Dash, pepper, mustard, mayo (and ranch dressing when I ran out of mayo), fresh parsley and chives from the garden, chopped up dill pickles, paprika, and a few dashes of hot sauce. I also made a batch of cow patty cookies. I took them all to church-in-the-park and everybody loved them! Yay! Thank You, Papa, for this fun thing I can do for Your children – and You, eh!  Thank You!

Pastor P had brought 8 doz of the wieners BD donated – and they were awesome! They are the old kind, individually wrapped, nice and big. Everybody loved the. All were gone by about 8:30 am or thereabouts. Could have used another dozen or two at least. Pastor P figured that about 70 people must have come through this morning. There were 10 or 11 still there at the beginning of “service” time, and then a few more came and joined in. He is really relaxing into his teaching. It is so good, and so is the participation and discussion. More and more people want to help him with his ministry too! Wow!

I had a great time visiting with so many of the people who turned up, and it was awesome telling M how You have been leading in our “move!” Every time I tell anyone, I think of more and more ways You have led and confirmed! This morning really showed me that this “street ministry” is part of Your plan for me!

Pastor P’s message was from Isaiah 53: “The Suffering Servant” prophecy. The guys were so interested to hear that the prophecy had come in such perfect detail 700 years before Jesus’ death and resurrection!

Oh yes, so I took the car this morning, put all the extra clothes we’d set aside into the truck. The guys were so happy. They loved getting hubby’s clothes; not so much of mine went, as there aren’t so many women, and most of them are bigger than me! But they were happy for the things they could fit. They guys were so happy to get clothes in good condition. I guess most of the clothes they are offered at pretty worn out… When I came home and told hubby their reaction, he was happy too.

It is sure cooling down. Rained again overnight. And the predicted high is only 19C (though it only got down to 16C at night… cloudy). I prayed for no rain for church-in-the-park… and we got lots of sunshine on us even though the skies were overall cloudy and the wind was chilly. The sun felt so good, and it really was shining down on us through a narrow break in the clouds! YOU were shining down on us!

People really are longing for the day when there will be a drop-in-center, where people can be reached out to every day, and can sleep on cold nights. Father, YOUR will be done!

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