Saturday, 7 November 2009

the gifts, the flow of the Spirit, and the church

Sept 14, 2009 (again)

…. Later… (sitting on a bench by Okanagan beach on a BEAUTIFUL calm sunny morning, with crystal clear lake water before me!)

The GIFTS of the Spirit are given for the health (edification, encouragement, spiritual growth and development) of the organism (body, living interactive loving family) – NOT for the “successful” administration and business of an organization (company…). The gifts are for the moment-by-moment, day-by-day life of the church (the Kingdom of God, the family and body of Christ – Who is the Head, the Great Shepherd, the Leader, the King, the Savior!), not particularly to provide “successful” services and programs at set times and places (although if those services and programs are truly Spirit-led, they WILL benefit – immensely even – from the exercise of the gifts… but if they become “the life” themselves (usurping the constant flow of the Spirit, the constant, living, loving relationship between God and His children), it seems to me that the true gifts are soon usurped by “dead” imitations (although God is all-powerful and we cannot stop His work… but He chooses to work THROUGH HIS BODY, as they truly follow Him and walk in the Spirit.

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