Saturday, 7 November 2009

two kinds of church in the park

Aug 16, 2009

Last night I boiled 18 eggs and made oatmeal unbaked cookies. Got up at 6 and made the eggs into devilled eggs - well, actually, sanctified eggs! For church in the park! Anyway the cookies and eggs were a hit! Pastor P brought frozen eggo waffles which we toasted for the street folks, and those were a hit too... Everybody laughed at my "boasting" about my "talent" for making waffles!

Good turnout this morning... and interesting conversation too. One young man asked some pretty good questions that came out of the topic of Jesus being living water and the bread of life.

I came home and did some tidying and laundry, then went to the annual Penticton Ministerial church-in-the-park-gathering of several churches, just in time to hear a message on Zaccheus, which was good.

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