Friday, 4 December 2009

Wonderful time at church in the park

November 15, 2009

Took rice krispee squares, puffed wheat squares, boiled eggs, green and black tea bags, and some Hallowe’en twizzlers to church-in-the-park (basement!) today. There was a very brisk, chilly wind, and despite the fact that French toast was being made outside, most of the guys and gals stayed inside. There was also instant oatmeal, white toast, raisin-bread toast, apples, toasted eggo waffles… Put out some of the cheeze-whiz that R had brought, in addition to the usual peanut butter, syrup and jam… boy was the cheeze-whiz popular!!!! Went through 10 pots of coffee and 5 jugs of juice this morning.

Don’t know how any people came altogether, but a pretty good crowd for such a cold, windy day… maybe around 50 or so? At least 20, I think, stayed for “service.” It was the last “service” we will have there. A lady just up the street has offered the waiting room of her medical office. It has lots of couches, easy chairs, etc, so we can serve breakfast at the regular place till 9:30, then clean up, and head over to her place. “Service” will start at 10 am, and go until whenever Father wants! Cool! This is a wonderful, God-thing! Now we won’t be encroaching on the programs of the church group whose basement and yard they have so generously shared with us. We can be cleaned up, and be out, when they arrive for their choir practice, etc. Awesome! Cool, cool, cool!!! 

The atmosphere this morning was so incredibly “family.” It is amazing how more and more people are just pitching in and sharing in the set-up, serving, clean-up, etc. And the participation in the “service” - okay, I’m just going to call it the “gathering!” – is so wonderful, too! Yay!  This is “church” – God’s family meeting together with Him, caring for each other, sharing together in His word, learning from Him through His Spirit in each one. Thank You, Lord!

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