Thursday 4 May 2017

prayers 7

(During the next week or so, I'll be sharing some of my "daily prayers." Some parts are in my own words, some are quoted from other sources. I'll be leaving out personal names and details. Today is #7)

I pray for our leaders. I pray for the mayor and the council of our town and the leaders of other towns. I pray for the government of our province and the leaders of other provinces. I pray for our MP and our MLA and for the government of Canada, the Prime Minister, and for the nation of Canada and its people. I pray for the nation of America and its leaders and people, and for all the nations of the world that Your will be done. 

I pray for the leaders of all the First Nations. I pray for all First Nations people who are seeking after You, their Creator and God. Please help them find the real You, dear Jesus, Father, Holy Spirit. Help me to reflect the true Jesus. You know all their hearts, Jesus, and especially those who have been so damaged in your name. You judge justly. Please help the rest of us to truly face the truth of what we have done, and reach out in sorrow and reconciliation. How can I help, Lord? This is so heavy on my heart. Your will be done, Lord. Please guide me.

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