Wednesday, 3 May 2017

prayers 6

(During the next week or so, I'll be sharing some of my "daily prayers." Some parts are in my own words, some are quoted from other sources. I'll be leaving out personal names and details. Today is #6)

I pray that Christians will seek after and follow You and Your path in the troubles the world is facing now, and trust in You to work all things out according to Your plans and purposes. I pray for peace on earth and good will among men—led by Your Spirit. 

I pray for those affected negatively by climate change, and by natural disasters—and I pray that you will lead your people to be good stewards of the earth and take care of its environment, and take care of those who are suffering because of our greed and lack of caring.

Lord, I pray for those whom I have wrongly seen as “enemies”—people who annoy me, frustrate me because I don’t understand their ways which they believe are the way to follow you. I am sure that they are equally frustrated and annoyed by my ways, which I have thought are the way to follow you. Please forgive me for my wrong thoughts, and help me to see clearly through Your eyes. Please grant me Your wisdom. 

Lord, it has been easier for me to love those who don’t claim to follow You than to love those who do claim to follow you but I can’t understand their thoughts and ways. Help me to love everyone as You love. Thank You that You see our hearts and You judge rightly and righteously. Help us all to listen to You, and seek Your guidance and wisdom, and help us to love each other with Your love and mercy and grace. And help me, help us, to leave the judging of hearts to You, who alone truly knows what is in a person’s heart. Thank You! Amen. So be it, Lord!

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