Monday, 21 February 2011

Finding the church in ways and places I didn't expect

(This is post 7 in a series that starts here).

The days have been whizzing by, again. I still haven't found a church-gathering-type-group that reflects my image, I suppose, of what the church should be. But I'm less alone. Some days I even
wish for some alone time again.

A friend landed in hospital for almost two weeks, and I visited her often. And then I helped her and her hubby move and set up their new place.

Another friend had an operation, and I've been over to visit a few times while he's on the mend.

Another friend is lonely, and had to sell her car because of financial difficulties, so I've given her a couple rides, and visited her and played scrabble together, and we listen to worship music
and gaze out at the beautiful mountains from her windows, and praise God together.

And I'm healthy enough now to go to the street breakfast church gathering for the full time, and flip pancakes and cut hair and stuff. Joy! And this past Sunday the sun shone, and we sat outside in lawnchairs and spent focused time together with Jesus and each other. And I took lots of pictures. And worked on the website and blog, and even set up a facebook page.

A couple of friends have dropped by my house, feeling lonely, and I've had such a good time visiting, encouraging and being encouraged, and experiencing Jesus in our midst. Where two or three...

I've met a wonderful new friend on facebook, and we've discovered that God has given both of us a heart for the same things and people, though we live a couple thousand miles apart.

And a young lady I know was short of cash, and I was able to help her start up a little business. And buy some things, and tell others about it.

I've spent awesome time with my daughter and grandchildren, as they have called. And had a wonderful 30th valentines day with my hubby.

My mind is clearing day by day, and I've been able to start writing again on my blogs and websites. Attend groups I'm involved with. Help a friend set up his blogsite, and teach him the basics of
Adsense and linking and such.

I've actually gotten up a few mornings in a row when Father has called. And we've had some amazing times together.

I was looking for gatherings of Jesus and His church as I've imagined it should be. And I have had a bit of that at street church, especially this past Sunday. After a long period of time when it seemed to me like we weren't doing it "right." At least not the way I have expected. I've been looking for a revelation of Jesus Himself, too. As, I guess, I've also imagined that should happen.

Mostly, I haven't found church, or Jesus either, as I have imagined or expected. And I have been getting discouraged. And impatient. But maybe my eyes just haven't been open.

That is starting to change. I'm starting to see more clearly.  Thank goodness. Thank YOU, Lord.

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