Monday 28 February 2011

why do you believe what you believe?

We all believe certain things about God.  But have you ever wondered where you got the beliefs you believe?  Are you sure about your theology?   Dan Allen at The Ekklesia in Southern Maine has listed some questions worth asking when you are trying to understand and interpret the Bible.  Briefly, he lists the following: 

Are there other views on the subject?
Does my understanding depend on culture and current events?
Do I believe it because it is or is not popular currently or throughout history?
Do you believe it because your theological heroes or favorite pastor believes it?
Are you looking to the Spirit to teach you?
I know for myself that I have often felt confused because many very intelligent people throughout the history of the church have held some quite different viewpoints about what we as followers of Jesus believe.  I have wondered how I can know what to believe when these "great saints" can't agree. 

Why not read this article by Dan to see what he says about each of these questions.  What do you think?  Have you believed things for reasons that you maybe need to re-examine?  What (or Who!) is the source of Truth for you?


Dan Allen said...


Thanks for the link! I think we all struggle with these questions, but if we are aware of our tenancy to follow cultural trends and theological heroes then maybe we can, in taking those things into account, try to turn down the white noise and hear the Spirit of Truth. All our opinions are subjective, even our interpretation of Scripture is subjective to culture, our worldview, and our influences. Only the Spirit has objective truth, and only by listening and obeying Him can we hope to find real truth in this world of uncertainty. Anyway, thanks again for the link, and I'm glad that these questions, which I struggle to answer everyday, have been helpful to you as well.


norma j hill said...