Monday, 28 February 2011

you can't start a church

From Josh at Called to Rebuild, a post called "The organic nature of the church."    In which he says:

The local, corporate expression of Jesus Christ must be born, just as the individual Christian must be born, of the Spirit. Contrary to all the talk you hear from men about “starting a church”, you cannot start a church anymore than you can start a Christian. Both must be born, for they are not mechanical things but living organisms. This takes time and travail, not to mention one heck of a revelation of Jesus Christ. And that revelation must be a sustained revelation… it must be continuous, on-going. It must be kept fresh and up-to-date-a living, daily experience of Jesus Christ-or else whatever experience and expression of the church there is will fade away and die.

Wow.  Well said.

Read the rest of the post, too.  And the comments.  Great conversation!

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