Monday, 28 February 2011

Contradictions and paradoxes and other confusing things

Again on the topic of what we believe, Roger Olsen has written an intriguing post called "Is it possible to believe a paradox?"

I know that when a lot of people hear the word "paradox" their eyes kind of glaze over, and they instantly want to change the subject, because they feel like anything paradoxical is totally confusing.  The same thing happens when someone brings up apparent "contradictions" found in the Bible.   I've been there myself, and sometimes I'm still there.

If you're feeling that way, I highly recommend reading this post.  In it, Roger Olsen starts out by defining "paradox" in relation to Christian beliefs.  He gives examples.  And he goes on to discuss paradoxes and contradictions and mystery and analogy and proposition.  Are your eyes glazing over yet?  Don't hit the delete button just yet.  Read the article .  You may not agree with the writer's theological position on each example he gives, but you will come away with a clearer understanding about these various terms.  Which will certainly help to keep your vision clearer the next time they come up!  :-)

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