Friday, 25 February 2011

dining with Jesus

Jesus, I have been thirsty and hungry in a dry and barren land.

I don't just need "Your written word" important as it is. If that's all I seek, it becomes, even the "red letter" parts, a "law" of its own.

I need You. THE WORD. I need You, Your Spirit, to interpret, to make alive, Your written word. Without You, without Your Spirit, the Spirit of Christ, even the red letter words in the written word, are as dead, finally, as the law.

And sadly, we seem to think that once we have "received You," we can depend on our intellect and study, and on our good works and efforts (inevitably, the ones WE choose) to keep us going.

Like white bread fills the stomach and provides a short-term carbohydrate energy fix. But doesn't nourish and lead to healthy growth because the wholeness of the grain has been removed.

You are the Bread of Life. The wholeness, the fullness. I long to have You present at every meal. The main course, and the accompaniments, too.

And I long to have You present at every drink along the way. Many sips, and deep draughts, too, constantly along the journey, along Your path, the walk of Life. You, the source of Living water, always present and ready, longing for us to drink from You often.

To drink from You the very moment thirst starts to build. Instead of waiting until we have keeled over, "dying of thirst." Instead of substituting all manner of sugary, chemical laden, fake flavored, diuretic, non nourishing "beverages." I long rather to reach regularly, always, for Your simple, always fresh, always Life giving water: Yourself. The Life. The Way, The Truth.

In a well-watered and lush land. Your promised land. The green pastures and still waters of You, the Good Shepherd. The Abundant Life.

You have been waiting patiently at the dinner table, calling, with the food ready and the glasses filled. But so often I have failed to hear, to answer, to join You. But here I am now. Ready, eager, to receive, to dine with (on!)You, at Your table.

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