Saturday 7 November 2009

lack of "real discussion" about You? (What's real discussion, I wonder?)

November 1, 2009

Last night I set the alarm for 3:30 am (remembering that would be 2:30 am fall-back time, so I figured that would be plenty of time to get up and make fried bread. But as I was falling asleep I asked Papa to please wake me up in HIS timing! Then, at 2:00 am (1 am fall-back time) I woke up because my son had the washing machine going and the phone rang (no one on the other end)… I was just going to go back to sleep, but remembered what I had prayed, so I got up and got things ready to fry the bread. I went back to bed at 2:40 (1:40!) and got up at 3:30 (2:30) after all (though I didn’t really sleep, just dozed… then I fried the bread till 5:30 (4:30) and then made cow patty cookies and got dressed… and realized it was only 6:00 (5:00) and I don’t need to leave till 6:30 (5:30) and I remembered I need to take my prayer manual (so I can write down requests and pray as time permits. So I thought I’d just journal now for a bit… but it’s still only 5:07! And I am TIRED!! Well, I do have to pack up the fried bread; that won’t take long… maybe I should nap… or pray!! Pray!!!

…. Later….

Boy was I TIRED at church-in-the-park today (or rater, church-in-the-Presbyterian-church-basement, for those who prefer to come inside in this cold weather!)… I miss the outdoors, although I know it helps Pastor P that I keep up the coffee and snack end of things…

I didn’t write down any prayer requests (I took along my manual)… didn’t even think of it, really… just so so SO TIRED… can’t do this again (stay up most of the night to make fried read – even if it is really popular!)

J’s husband came and did a little ventriloquist act and gave his testimony… but it wasn’t “church” as we usually have… missed the interaction and the reference to scripture and all… but maybe I was just over-tired… hmmm… There is a retired (or maybe on-leave or just resigned) pastor there… He mentioned to me that he doesn’t notice much “real discussion” about/ including the Lord on Sunday morning gatherings (at church-in-the-park) and asked how it is on coffee days. Well you know, sometimes there is a LOT, sometimes not so much… today I think was maybe not so much… there was a kind of well, “hung-over” sort of feeling… well, some people were… Hallowe’en last night…

The sun is shining again today… beautiful! But even though I slept a couple hours when I got home, I am still really tired.

I guess I should start my NaNoWriMo… and PRAY!!!

I miss being with Your people (well, I’m with Your people a lot, most of the time, but You know, the ones that I knew so well and so long at that church, and it’s funny but it seems like as soon as we don’t have “going to that particular church” in common anymore, we just don’t manage to even see each other or even call each other etc…)… I miss praying with Your people, too, so much…

Papa, do I get too focused on myself? If my writing is any indication, I suppose I do, eh… I’m tired….

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