Saturday, 7 November 2009

an amazing dream!

October 10, 2009 (again)

I had an amazing dream yesterday morning…. I don’t remember all the details (it was kind of long and rambling) but there were a lot of people on a beach – on the shore on Haida Gwaii – native people and non-native people both, and they were talking and the kids running and playing, and some (3 groups) getting ready to do Haida dancing.

I was sitting on the beach talking to F, and a girl was standing behind us talking to us. The day was chilly and the sky full of gray clouds. Suddenly there was a break in the clouds and sun streaming through. Then the most amazing “light show” in the gap – great flashing, sparkling lights, extremely brightly sunshine colored, some of them kind of hexagonal-shaped. And then the clouds around the edges of the gap began to “roll back like a scroll” and then the “rolled” parts began to move downward and pull together and take form – the form of a man! – as they swooshed and curved toward us.

F and I were gazing at it, and as the cloud form drew near, head first (head and upper body clear, the rest less so, as I recall) (it all happened so quickly!) we suddenly saw Jesus’ happy, joyful face smiling at us, His eyes sparkling and laughing joyfully, and His arms and hands outstretched toward us. He reached out His hands and oh, so gently, touched the sides of our faces and then ran His hands down kind of under our chins, holding there a moment, gazing with His incredible love into our eyes – and then He suddenly turned and twisted upward, fading/ melding back into the clouds – and it was over.

F had lifted his arms in the air and was praising and worshiping in tongues. Me – I was just almost speechless – maybe said a “Wow! Praise God! Thank You!” kind of thing – I’m not sure if I actually said it, or just felt it – I was overwhelmed… We leaned back against each other and looked around. It was like Paul on the Damascus road, kind of. The others had seen the light show and the clouds as they rolled back and moved downward – but only we had seen Jesus! We felt as though we’d never be able to talk to anyone else about it, because they probably wouldn’t understand. We were just awestruck, and full of joy and love to our Lord Jesus!!!

When I woke up, I was actually thinking I should phone or write F, and ask him if he had the dream too, because it was so real and so alive and so personal to us from our Father. Wow!

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