Saturday, 7 November 2009

keeping humble...

Sept 22, 2009

I felt sad about J resigning, but he seems happy, relieved – free! as he says.

Papa, please be with DL and P – There’s a little rift there, You know all about it – please help them all. Papa, I don’t know, maybe all these new changes in the street ministry are making P a bit insecure or whatever – he seems to be trying to prove that he is, I don’t know, in control of everything – well, that he can handle everything or whatever… oh Papa, please keep him humble and trusting in You and hearing Your voice and doing things Your way, under Your control and ability and handling! Papa, when things “grow” it is so easy for us to get caught up in them, and pride can creep in, and we start listening to ourselves and to the enemy and to people who, in their “encouragement” and “direction” (all well-meant…) can really take our eyes off YOU! (I think maybe it’s a big trap for MEN, especially…). Anyway, Papa, please help him…

(And Papa, I still don’t know where I fit into Your church, exactly… but I guess I don’t need to “know!” – ha! That’s a novel concept for me! Day by day, hour by hour.. Your will, Your ways, Your timing!! Thank You!)

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