Monday, 5 July 2010

tackling my to-do writing list

2 July 2010

Well! I am tackling the list!

Posted the following stories to my Conversations, Reflections and Meditations website, in the creative writing section:

Insects, Tendrils, The One, Penticton Pedestrian (poem), Gas Miracles, The Entry.

And then posted the following stories to my Hill Gang site:

Gas Miracles, Motorbike Adventure, and Eddie's Big Soup Pot Adventure.

Then spent the rest of the day doing coding for my prayers and meditations from January to June 2003. Catching up! You can find those on the website as well.

Oh Father, where I am right now comes so much out of where you took me in those often difficult days back then. And yet, though they were difficult, they were amazing days because I had no one to cling to but You. and You were there for me, loving me every moment. Carrying me, preparing me, giving me a hope and a future. I love You, Lord! Thank You.

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