Tuesday, 29 June 2010

a word from Father - for a friend (and, surprisingly, for me, too!)

June 29, 2010

5:25 am. Woke up about 10 or 15 minutes ago, instantly wide awake. Had a good sleep. Just opened all the doors and windows to let the fresh early morning air waft through the house.

I woke up excited, feeling that today is surely going to be a day fully wrapped up in You (and oh, Father, I so want it to be! Please. Let it be so. Keep me, all of me, focused on You. Thank You!)

Oh Father! I want to see You working, and have Your Spirit and my spirit so joined that I am fully, perfectly (blamelessly, totally unselfishly, unconditionally lovingly) participating and serving in it all, with You, in You. Abiding! Thank You!

Father, You just brought J, the prayer blog lady, to my mind. You have a special word for me to share with her, don't You?


My dear child,

I love you.

I love the way you are open and eager and long to do My will, and to be part of My purposes.

I am with you always.

Don’t fear. Just keep your heart open to Me at all times. Listen to Me. Hear My voice. Remember that I have given you My Spirit to help you when you pray. I will give you the words to speak, and to write, when you pray, and when I want you to teach others to pray.

Remember, too, that My Son is praying for you, interceding for you, at all times. Remember how much He loves you; so much that He gave Himself for you. And think of how much I love Him. I answer all His prayers for those whom I have given Him.

Stay close to My Son. Then you cannot go wrong. He has given you our Spirit to teach you all things that you need to know, and to comfort you in your times of sorrow and confusion and loneliness.

Abide in Us, My daughter. We are with you wherever you go. We love that you are so eager to share with others your own joy and satisfaction which you experience in your conversations with Us. We are with you, and will be with you always.

Stay close. Listen carefully. We will give you the words and the strength you need. We have given you this communication gift and this longing to share it with all those in our family. And to share it with those also, who, in reading your words – Our words – will repeat them in order to reach out to Us. So they will come to know Us, and will become part of Our family, too. Part of your family, your own new brothers and sisters.

This is Our purpose for you, just as it is your dream. We have planted this dream, this longing, in your heart. The gift of communication that we have given you is part of it. Your dream comes from Us and is part of Our purpose for you – and for all the world.

My child, you are part of the great tapestry I am weaving. An incredibly important part. Your life is being intricately woven into My great eternal purpose, to draw back to Myself as many of My children as will hear My call and come to Me. And you are part of that purpose.

So fear not, My dear, precious daughter. Look to me, reach out to Me, hold tight to Me. I never let you go. You are Mine.

Rest in Me, sit at My feet, learn of Me, know Me. And then, with what you have learned and known, take other children by the hand and bring them to Me. We will grow this family together. We will share My love together. We will be one together, working to fulfill My eternal purposes.

I love you! So much!

Your Heavenly Father… Your Papa.


Thank You, Father! I knew there was a special reason for waking me so quickly and clearly this morning, and drawing me to listen to You and to hear Your voice.

(And yes! I do see that that message is for me, too! Wow! thank You!)

(Do You maybe have something for J and I to do together with You, for You and Your kingdom? :-) )

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