Wednesday, 2 June 2010

moving past self-centered love-gathering - to worship You

2 June 2010

When I woke up (about 4:20 am!) I couldn't wait to get back to You and Your word - a desire I haven't had in that intensity for quite some time! :-)

I've turned to Matthew 26 and am ready to read - but if there is anything You want to say to me at any point - please open my ears, eyes, heart - soul. Yes! "Speak Lord, for Your servant hears"

(I don't want to just listen, but to really hear - perceive, understand, know You!) Okay? Please?!!! thank You.

(Not just for me, too... but to honor and love and obey and worship You).

(Yes, I realize I have had my heart set on myself pretty much - wanting Your love, wanting more of You - but for me!!! But I see it is time to move past that self-centered love-gathering to... just wanting to serve and worship You)

(I'm having a tad of trouble wrapping my head around that. Guess it's a heart-understanding thing, mostly, eh?)

(I've gotten into the whole head thing too much lately, haven't I?)

Help me, please!

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