Tuesday, 29 June 2010

the church in our city - everyone doing their part - together, as You call and lead

June 27, 2010

R longs for the day we have a mission building and she can make meals for the street people; right now she makes excellent coffee and organizes the food service. She knows that a "building ministry" isn't part of Pastor Peter's calling. It's what Father is calling her to - and will be an extension of Peter's part of Father's purposes; a place where Peter can send people he and Father are building relationships with out on the street.

I think M also wants a building-base, but in his case for a place for prayer, and for getting into the word together with Father.

K just happily pitches in and helps with whatever is happening. I don't know if he has any particular dreams, but he is a wonderful, friendly, very consistent helper. Hmmm... Gift of helps?!!

M and J come when they can, and both are good cooks - which frees up Pastor Peter (who used to do everything by himself) to reach out to the street people and build relationships with them and bring Jesus into their lives.

Interesting - everyone who Jesus has called to this "street ministry" is different than the others - and each one just does whatever Father has prepared them for. There is no special planning or organizing, no committee meetings. Everyone just pitches in and does their bit, and it works.

I am not sure why so many churches can't operate like that - can't just do whatever things Father has prepared them for, as part of the church of Christ in their community. Why it seems like every little "church" has to "do it all" instead of working together. Why there's resentment when it seems like some other little church is stepping into their "territory" or doing "their ministry." Father, You call people, don't You? You enable different people to do different things. And those things, together, should become Your family, Your community, Your church, reaching out in love - together!

How do we see what You are doing, and hear You calling, and just pitch in as You call us?

What do You want from me? I don't know, in the "big picture" or "long term." I really don't need to know, do I? You only ask me to follow You moment by moment, step by step. And let You take care of the long term and the big picture.

Like at street church. I can feed people (I love baking!). I can be friendly. And encouraging. And maybe even non-judgemental and accepting (wow, that really has come from You. It sure wasn't "me"...). But is that enough? I want to reach people's hearts and souls for You. And when I start thinking about that, sometimes I feel helpless and hopeless and useless. But that's just the enemy and my flesh talking. I don't have to listen to any of that. I don't even have to worry about tomorrow, never mind the long term. I can take that longing to You in prayer, and leave it with You. And meanwhile just keep my heart and eyes and ears open, and do and be whatever purpose You have for me, right now, right here.

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