Wednesday, 2 June 2010

street church!

May 30, 2010

Awesome morning! thank You, Father!

Went to street church gathering early (but should have listened to You and gone even earlier... just didn't want to get out of my comfy bed even though I was awake and chatting with You...)

Anyway, got there a bit early, and prayed while I was outside alone... and found out later than Pastor P and R were inside praying while they prepped the coffee and such... and then they came outside, and other people started turning up, and we were praying together! (Just like I was hoping would happen...)

We got the coffee started, but took it easy getting the ham and eggs started on the grill... and people gathered in, and there was more conversation - including more about and with You, too!.

And then after most folks had finished eating (and conversing... it just carried on once it got started, and we didn't rush like we have been), we cleaned up a bit, but didn't rush. A couple folks got in a hurry and started to put away the lawn chairs, but we put them out again...

And so there was still food and coffee sitting out there available, just not cooking anymore ... and people weren't rushing off, and we had an awesome conversation/ gathering time.

You sent along that sad and lonely man whose wife of 25 years just passed away a few days short of their 25th anniversary. And he was wondering (and kind of angry at You, and certainly hurting) why You would take her, his best friend, away from him like that... and Pastor P was able to talk to him about that, and others too... And he was wondering why You would let his ID and money get stolen while her ashes were being scattered, so that he was stuck here and couldn't get back to his hometown. But I am thinking that maybe it was a gift to you so that he could come and join us, and we could share with him, and love on him, and be family for him in this time of loss (he and his wife were never able to have kids, and he is feeling so alone).

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