Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Talking about You, not just talking doctrine!

March 14, 2010

Happy to be at Another Chance street church this morning after almost a week off. Hamburgers for breakfast! Yum!! 

The discussion after breakfast was great. One guy asking a lot of questions – he’d obviously been quite thoroughly “religioned” in his past. His relatives (big family connection) all Christians, except his dad, who was the “black sheep of the family.” So he’d had a lot of “church” but at the same time a pretty rough upbringing (dad a biker… and he himself started drinking at age 8). He dad came back to the Lord 2 months before he passed away – so it seems like son is wanting is follow Jesus, too… but is leary about “religion” …. Pastor P just talked to him about his own walk with Jesus… and this guy seemed to want that. It was good to listen to…

I still wonder, myself, how to talk about You without getting a lot of doctrine and religious talk type stuff mixed in… Sometimes I think that maybe Pastor P is a bit too “anti-religion” … but I realize that it is his walk… and obviously, mine isn’t exactly the same… and I know mine has had a lot of “religion” mixed into it… and some of it hasn’t been very helpful… and I’d like to NOT go down that road when I am talking to others about You!

We are all called to “witness” – to tell others of You – from our knowing You, not just a doctrinal explanation!

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