Friday, 26 March 2010

Friendship warpers etc

March 25, 2010

Up at 4:30 am. Made cow patty cookies (aka oatmeal unbaked cookies… but that’s such a dull name, in comparison, don’t you think!), sandwiches, pigs-in-blankets (and jam-jam biscuits with the extra dough); took hot water and boiled eggs, too, to street coffee time. Not a lot of people out, maybe 20 or so… yesterday was “welfare Wednesday” so I suppose some folks are “sleeping it off” … Sad… One of the guys got rolled while he was passed out, and lost all his cash for the next month, as well as almost all his other belongings… after he had given the guy, a “friend,” one of his two blankets. So sad to see friendships warped by addictions… and yet, even in “mainstream” society how often do we see friendships warped by all kinds of other things…

A neat thing, though, about this street outreach, is that over time we see a lot of people come – and go! True, some go because they get into even worse straits… but it is amazing to see how many turn to Jesus and get their lives cleaned up, get jobs, housing, even reconciliation with their families. Thank You, Father!

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