Saturday, 6 March 2010

Short term mission?

1 March 2010

Father, You know how “I feel” about that “short-term mission trip” I’ve been invited to go along on… You know I long for “greater adventures” and a “better use of Your – okay and “my” – resources… but You see the whole picture, and You know what is best for me – and for others – and for Your kingdom – and yes, Your glory… so yes! Your will be done!!!

Later…. Well, I just got my first Hep immunization today… which possibly puts me one step closer to that short term missions trip… or to whatever You have in mind, and whenever!

2 March 2010

Ha! I’m “afraid” I might have to go to that country for just 3 days…. I’m “afraid” You might make me go against one of my “cherished beliefs” which I have loudly proclaimed to anyone who would listen – about the “value” (or rather, lack thereof), if short-term missions, especially in view of their monetary cost in relation to the very short time there and what “I could accomplish” (oh dear). I’m “afraid” You might be chipping away again at “my” dearly held viewpoints… and yes, I am “afraid” that You may be causing yet another bastion of “pride” in my life to fall… (although I certainly didn’t recognize it as such until just now… I suppose… I wonder if that recognition is the point… hmmmm… or if I still need to “act on it” to “prove it” and/or to “own it” … to make it mine, make it real, in my life (and, in the acting on it, admit sheepishly to the world that maybe my pontificating about the matter in the past was wrong…)…

…. Later… I got an email about a huge turnaround spiritually in that country… prayer and fasting and incredible waiting upon You… maybe I need to go and see that? or not? Is it real?

3 March 2010

Perhaps the money aspect of that short-term-mission isn’t all that much of a concern to God (as it obviously is to me…), since He owns everything anyway?? Papa???

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