Friday, 26 March 2010

"It's all about You"??

March 26, 2010

…. Oh! And Papa, if You want me to set up some kind of (probably online) format for “unpublishing” Christian writers to present their stuff, can you please help me to do that – Your way?

I want everything all about this to be Your way – please help me to truly keep my eyes and ears and heart focused on You (and Your church, body, kingdom)! I don’t want to get dragged into that “of the world” trap, in any area of my life (dear readers: you can check out that conversation in my previous blog entry). I want always for all I do, all I am, to be truly centered on You. Thank You!

And yes, that still allows my “individuality” to be expressed – and You do want it to be expressed, inasmuch as You are the One who created me, who gave me all the characteristics that make me an individual… and then You looked on me, Your creation, and declared me “good!” … For I am made “in Your image” and I do reflect Your infinite, amazing, complex, personality and creativity – and You delight in our relationship of love – just as You delight in Your unique relationship with every one of Your uniquely created children – and in Your relationship with Your family (Your church, Your body, Your kingdom) as a whole!

(That idea in that book – that it is wrong to say, “It’s all about You” – keeps bugging me. I think it was a reaction to a certain – all too common – brand of churchianity that seeks to make all its participants “just like Jesus” … but really is perhaps seeking to make them “just like us” … “in our image” … according to “our church” structure and so on… claiming to seek to make its members “servants of Christ” but too often, in reality seeking to make them “slaves of First Church of the City of X.”)

As my relationship with You has grown, I have delighted more and more in coming into an “all about You” position, because I have found in this relationship such freedom, creativity, immensity, adventure… and yes, joy in the individuality with which You created me! Yes! 

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