Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Street church notes

March 22, 2010

Sunday morning (yesterday) was of course Another Chance street church/breakfast. It was amazingly warm – around 10 C at 6 am! First day of spring, certainly! I had prepared sandwich fixings on Saturday night (sliced and buttered buns; chopped lettuce, tomatoes, onions, cukes; made a big batch of egg salad sandwich filling), and so on Sunday morning we had “subway” style sandwiches – deli meats and/or egg salad filling with veggies. Very popular indeed! I ending up putting together over 70 sandwiches in about 2 hours. We also had cereal, sliced fresh fruit, and cookies, and we served 20 pots of coffee as well as lots of juice. We estimated that about 100 folks came for breakfast, which we served outside. It was awesome (even though the sky got gray and the wind got chilly!). We had a good discussion afterwards, too, about (with!) the Lord. He was truly there with us!

This morning I got up and made 3 dozen or so sandwiches with the left over ingredients from yesterday’s street church breakfast. We also served cereal, toast, grapefruit, and boiled eggs. About 40 or 50 folks turned up. Although we advertise the Monday to Friday gatherings as “coffee time,” we have started adding whatever food we can gather together, as there are so many people who are really living “on the edge” these days. They have really become a big family! We are so blessed!

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