Monday, 27 February 2017

Unexpected New Directions

(originally journaled Sept. 16, 2016)

This is something I wondered about: whether my arm injury was sent by You to slow me down--and even change or redirect my plans. I was so gung-ho to write my Haida book this summer (I already had about 45,000 words), and to do mega-blogging and research and so on ... but I ended up with a lot of resting--worn down by constant pain and simply unable to do things with a useless right arm for a long time.

But it turned out to be good for my husband because it gave him a feeling of self-worth to be able to help me, now that he has to be on a disability pension. And it gave us both lots of time with the grandkids and daughters since neither of us could "work." And it gave me time to read spiritual books and ponder about my walk with You.

I've read a lot of secular stuff too and that has led me to explore short story, essay, and article writing--and even poetry rather than just book-style writing.

And I'm getting into speaking again! Workshops! That's been a surprise! And oh my, I have been enjoying so much the speakers' summit webinars I've been listening to--and so many of the presenters are believers! And I hear You speaking, giving me direction even through "secular" stuff (into which I find You are seamlessly woven ... awesome! I wondered if and how one does that ... and it's giving me ideas for my Word Guild workshops, too).

I am not pursuing new tutoring students for the fall semester. I have enough for now--especially with the amount of editing and consulting and coaching type stuff You've sent along. And what you've sent are nice, enjoyable jobs, not stressful ones. Thank You. Jobs I can handle, even with my arm injury.

And You've granted me so much rest and outdoors relaxing time. And beautiful warm weather! Thank You!

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