Sunday 31 October 2010

Kenny (part 3)

October 31, 2010

Pastor Peter spoke.  He told of meeting Kenny some years ago.  Kenny managed a coffee shop.  Not a busy place.  Kenny used to come and sit by Peter.  They talked about God.  About Jesus.  Kenny asked questions.  But it was often Peter who was learning. 

Kenny had his ups and downs.  But Jesus was always there with him through it all. Peter spoke of how Kenny always wore a fanny pack, with bandages and vinyl gloves and disinfectant.  How no matter how sick, no matter how low Kenny was, he always was looking out for, caring for, the guys on the street.  Patching them up.  Being their friend.  Loving them because he loved Jesus.  Sharing Jesus' love.

Kenny came by the Sunday morning street church breakfast 7 weeks ago. Someone had a video camera.  Took a clip of Kenny and Peter.  Sitting on the steps on a chilly morning. Reading together from the Word and talking about the Lord. Kenny was having a down time. But Jesus was with him. 

We watched the video clip on a screen while Peter read a poem Kenny had written a week later.

"Thy will be done
Keep our family
strong for what
we do in life
echoes in Eternity
Strength and Honor"

That was Kenny.  Kenny's love for Jesus extended always to those around him.  To Kenny, they were not strangers.  They were not good or bad.  He did not judge them. They were family.

Pastor Peter prayed.  It seemed that the service was over.  But one young woman stood and spoke of Kenny's care for her.  Another stood and spoke.  It seemed that everyone wanted to speak.

We moved into another room where coffee and snacks waited.  Peter said we could continue to share about Kenny there.  And people did, in pairs and small groups.  But still, there were those who wanted to share with everyone.  So more folks addressed the group.  This time the elderly folks.  Those who knew him from the Friday evening street preaching.  Others who knew him through his dad.

Tears dried.  Happy faces reappeared. 

Who could stay sad?  Kenny had gone home.  He was with Jesus, who had loved him always.  Jesus, who Kenny had loved always. 

Kenny's family.  So many who had been touched by Kenny's care.  Who had been strengthened by his care.  Who have met Kenny's Jesus, because they met Jesus in Kenny.  What Kenny did in life, even in his struggles and pain, is echoing.  In eternity.

We'll see you again soon, Kenny.  And meantime, you are with us in our memories and our hearts.

Strength and Honor.

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