Sunday, 31 October 2010

Kenny (part 2)

October 31, 2010

Kenny's cousin met him for the first time on Saturday.  She sat at his bedside and talked to him.  He was unconscious.  Could he hear her?  She sat again by his bedside on Sunday.  Held his hand.  Talked to him again.  Tears ran down his cheeks.

She picked up her guitar as we listened.  Then she sang, clearly yet hauntingly, John Denver's final song, the song of Coming Home. 

"oh-ooo oh-ooo oh-ooo oh-ooo"

The cry of the the wolf.  Will you sing along, she asked? 

"oh-ooo oh-ooo oh-ooo oh-ooo"

The audience joined in.  The coming home call.

"... oh the buffalo free,
Oh, my brother the wolf...
Oh, the love in my heart, a wilderness song...
Oh, my brother the wind, my sister the sea...
Oh, the mountain top calling to me....
Returning, forever returning, coming home
Belonging, forever belonging, never alone
Oh, the mystery...
Oh, the beautiful way, the sweet coming home
oh-ooo oh-ooo, coming home oh-ooo oh-ooo."

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