Thursday, 28 October 2010

Been awhile - but I'm back!

Still Thursday.  3:17 pm.

The last time I posted on Pen And Paper Mama was August 28 and 29 - and that was basically to apologize for not posting since August 08.

The last time I posted on My Church Journey (this blog) was September 1 - and I suppose if anyone was following at that point, they might have some idea of why I petered out.  I was feeling pretty dismal...

And I haven't posted at my other sites for even longer.  Conversations, Reflections and Meditations - July 3.  A Mother's Journey - years, I guess.  The Hill Gang - a wee bit of updating sometime during the summer.  Novel Under Construction - ha!  May 18.  Reminds me of a local building site where they got the skeleton up a couple years back and it's been sitting there sad and lonely ever since, getting rusty.  Oh dear.  And I haven't even added any photos to our flickr account since last spring.  Well, at least I've occasionally posted a small item or two on facebook.

But hey - I am back!  At least to the first two of the aforementioned sites.  It's a start, right?

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