Monday, 26 April 2010

So what does this all mean in my relationship with You?

April 25, 2010
(Note: this is a summary, a final reflection of the previous 5 postings – you’ll probably want to read them first, because this one won’t make a whole lot of sense without them!)
Well, it has taken me almost 2 ½ hours to work through, with You, just 24 pages of the book. But oh boy. You really have challenged me to think clearly about what I’ve been taught, what I’ve presumed and presupposed – and to compare it to what You have BEEN (actively involved in relationship with me) in my life … and of course, how all that actually lines up with what Your word says.
Yes, I want to be Christlike. I do want Your essence, Your love, Your truth, to be in me.
So… I have some things still to think about, talk to You about, listen to You about, like:
- that whole issue of security? Papa?
- The author’s statements that we can basically do whatever we like, enjoy, dream of (as long as we are truly in relationship with You and are growing in Christlikeness – as opposed to Christ-impersonation – because we will, in freedom, then choose that which reflects and is an outcome of Your essence!) (Is that right?)
Oddly enough, although I have very often “sought Your will” and “been willing to give up all my dreams” and such – what I find, over and over, is You fulfilling those dreams in my life, after all. But fulfilling them in ways far more wonderful and amazing and joyful and awesome than I myself could have planned or imagined. And You do provide. All of which makes me all the more eager to be in Your will.
Round and round and round.
My experience, is that for me, after I have come into relationship with You, Your will has been wonderful – more and more and more so as I have known You more and more. I suppose there was a time, long ago, when I felt to some degree that Your will might be oppressive or something… but now “Your will be done” is, for me, a glorious statement and request. Awesome!
As You Yourself taught Your disciples to pray (and lived it out before them every moment) “Your will [Father] be done on earth as it is in heaven.”
Yes, “God’s will be done” is a wonderfully good thing. Thank You, Lord. Amen.

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