Monday, 26 April 2010

God's purpose is for us to be His sons and daughters?

April 25, 2010
Okay, this I get! Hufford writes in The Misunderstood God (page 100):
“God does have a purpose, but that purpose is not for us to be servants and messengers for Him. His purpose is for us to be His sons and daughters, and out of those relationships, we become the message.”
That is right! (Isn’t it? Papa?)
We’ve confused purpose and outcome – or perhaps once again – surely – it is a circle of life, of love, that goes round and round and grows and produces joy and love and happiness for everyone in that relationship! Eh? (see the previous blog entry, about the round and round stuff!)
Hufford goes on to say (page 101):
“What is the one thing all good parents want for their children? They want them to enjoy life… joy and contentment … God’s heart is the same way. He’s not pleased when you’re in bondage or personal anguish, and He loves you through the struggles and difficulties in our lives.”
That is right. We are “in this world” and we will have struggles and difficulties. But if we are living in the freedom and love of relationship with our Father, we will not be in bondage to those difficulties. And He will love us – serve us, care for us, encourage us, uplift us, carry us – through them. He will be with us always, loving us, His children, with perfect Father-love!!! Wow!!!
Hufford also writes:
“Though our love for God is extremely important to Him, we also need to understand that God is not a needy love junkie… He will never be moved or manipulated by promises of dedication and adoration. Your love must always be free, just as His is… God’s love is not concerned with what He can get; He’s concerned about what He can give. This is the essence of love, and it paints a perfect picture of His heart.”

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