Saturday, 10 April 2010

Father, Jesus, Holy Spirit - I want ALL of You

April 9, 2010
There have been times in my walk, over the years, when I was more focused on Jesus…then later on the Holy Spirit… and more recently on Father (after I finally learned to appreciate my own earthly father, poor guy…)
Trouble is, sometimes I am feeling that this current Father emphasis is not “balanced.”
I’m wondering – Who are we really supposed to be “in relationship” with? God, obviously – Father, Jesus, and Holy Spirit. And when we are “focused” on one-of-the-Three-in-One, obviously we are at the same time in relationship with All.
And yet, I feel as though too much “focus” on One of the Three-in-One can end up with me “losing out” on the potential of “full” relationship. As, clearly, the Three Persons of the One do in some way play particular roles.
Father, Jesus, Holy Spirit – One God yet Three Persons – I do want ALL of YOU, all You have to offer. Please. Show me Your way. Let me walk with You: All-One, and Each-in-All as well. Thank You.

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