Monday, 30 August 2010

some things get less neatly defined and comfortable as I walk this journey

"Church" and "prayer" and "devotions" and "right doctrine" used to be, in some ways, a lot simpler when I had fairly neat, clearly defined (narrowly defined!) ideas of what they were and how to "do them."  Even what "relationship with God" really means.

And I used to think that as I became a "mature Christian," I'd probably become pretty wise, and stop making so many mistakes.  I guess I expected I'd become my picture of a "Godly older woman," like in Titus 2.  And that maybe it would be a reasonably comfortable, relaxing, rocking-chair kind of experience.

But instead, the farther along I get in this journey, the less neatly defined things become, and the less comfortable I become about "myself."

Though, joyfully, I have become absolutely confident about a couple things (that have to do with God, rather than me - and maybe that's a sign of Christian maturity, after all):

  • God loves me!
  • God will never stop loving me, or reject me
  • I know I can totally trust my Father to do the very best for me (and my family) according to His wonderful and amazing eternal purposes!
I love You!  Thank You!

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