Monday, 30 August 2010

Father answering my questions about "worship time"

A couple days ago, I wrote in my journal:

I need to worship You more with the family.  I am kind of  missing the singing "worship time" like we used to have in the "go to church" days.  Please, Father, Your will be done.  Please provide what You know I need.  Please help me to serve You, worship You, love You "aright."  Thank You.  I love You.
And today, when I was checking the Blog Reader  posts I subscribe to, Father sent me a really helpful answer:

Worship can be done in the context of music, but not all music represents true worship.  True worship should be an extension of a life that is lived continuously in worship of Him.... and...

"If your worship is not built into the greater context of God’s eternal purpose it lacks the ability to impact the earth.”  In other words, if we are not continually seeking to know His purposes on the earth, both seasonal and eternal, our worship will just be music sung in unison.  If we want to see our worship become truly powerful and life-changing, we must worship, again, in the context of His purposes.

So, in short form, we need to see our worship as a life-changing and world-changing interaction, between God and man, and between man and man.
There is a lot more really helpful insight into worship at this post.  Check it out at "Worship Conference Day 2" at Mark's blog, "Called out In Kansas."

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