Saturday, 28 August 2010

the Jesus I want to be like

When I'm with my street family, this is the Jesus I want to be like:

I think if Jesus came to the gathering lakeside, he would probably walk quietly over to where the land meets the water.
He’d look around and figure out which guy in there was at his wits end, the guy who’d taken all he could, the guy who was suffering to the point of exhaustion.
The guy that had no place to lay his head.
I guess I don’t know how Jesus would choose.  He’d just know where His Father wanted him.  I think he’d sit down next to the guy, he’d put his arm around him, lean in close, and say, “I love you, brother.  Dad loves you, too.  You ready to get something to eat?” Then he’d get in line for dinner, sit down with the least of these, say a blessing and dig in, delighting in those he loves most.
 I want to love like Jesus.  I want to hear Father's voice like He did, too.

(Thanks to Brother Frankie for this posting at The Gathering Lakeside)


Brother Frankie said...

loving your thoughts.. we seem to have the same heart. could it be the heart of jesus?

norma j hill said...

you know it is, Brother Frankie!