Thursday, 10 March 2011

mustard seed faith and relationship with Father

If you are anything like me, you've spent at least some time struggling to "build up your faith" at least to mustard-seed level.  And you've wondered why those mountains don't move.  Here is a blog post that looks at those questions from a perhaps new-to-you angle. 

Bob Humphrey writes: 

You begin to see that there are no limits to what Father has for you because you are now immersed in the ever-growing sense of God’s heart and that’s when it hits you.  Jesus was talking about the sense of faith that he was living in with his Father that he would freely make available to them.  ....   All of the potential of growth is in the tiny wittle seed. But it can’t do it by itself. It needs the dynamic relationship between soil, water, air, and sunshine to grow. But with Father infusing himself into the mix of the relationships it is transformed into something magnificent that branches out and changes the geography of the ground it was planted in. Indeed because it’s not a fixed finite thing, but a growing, ever expanding relationship, what’s to stop it?

Wow!  Getting to mustard seed faith level, and then getting it to "work" isn't up to me, after all.  It's all about Father "infusing himself" into me through our relationship.  Read the rest here.

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