Thursday 10 March 2011

job or joy

Here's another one of those "struggle" things:  this time the "trying to" live in forgiveness; "trying to" transform the way I think.  Of course, I can't.  All my "trying" fails.  I can't earn it.  I have to accept it. Christ has done the work; and He is living in me.  So stop struggling, trying, earning.  Fly in it, and celebrate it!

Jon Acuff says it so well in "The bird, the letter, and the job."
I mess grace up so often and have confused it in my head for so many years. I finally just confessed to God, “You know how I think. You know how I’ve trained myself to believe for years and years. I can’t rewire myself. I can’t sanctify me. Only you can. I need you to transform the way I look at grace.” And the prayer that came from that confession and the hope I have for you and me is simple:

“Help me live in the joy of forgiveness, not the job of forgiveness.”  ...

I pray we will be that bird who does not run, but instead flies. Who looks at what Christ did for us on the cross. The sacrifice, the mercy, the grace and that we will not try to earn it when we return to the farm, but will instead accept it. Fly in it. Celebrate it. And know the joy of forgiveness.
What bird?  Read the whole story here.

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