Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Jesus at the center

In my recent posts, I've been talking about how I've been coming to a new understanding and relationship with Jesus - and how I'm also seeing Him more and more as being at the center of the church.

I'm afraid my ramblings haven't been very clear, because I'm in the midst of kind of stumbling toward this understanding.  So I was very happy to read a post by Josh at Called To Rebuild in which he writes about Christ The Key Ingredient.

You really will want to read the whole post, but here are a few key points:

You see, we can talk till we’re blue in the face about the church-what is the church, how should we do church, what makes a church, ect. (and not that I don’t think these are valid issues to consider, especially as God gives us practical light on these matters)-but in the end none of it will matter unless it is born out of an inward revelation of the greatness and preeminence of Jesus Christ.

For me, it wasn’t until I began to see Christ revealed in my heart in such ways that I’d never seen Him before-greater, more vast and all-inclusive… and not until I began to know His headship in a living way over my own life that I began to find a unity with other brothers and sisters that transcended our racial, social, and religious differences and gave birth to a living experience of the Body of Christ among us.

True love, like anything else, flows out of Christ. It’s not until a group of people begin to touch the Lord together that true love begins to well in their hearts for one another.

This isn’t something you can just teach into existence. It is born out of the mutual experience of a group of people who are pursuing and finding Christ together. Nothing else.

Yes.  That is what I am looking for, longing for. 

Thanks for the post, Josh.

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Josh L said...

You're quite welcome, Norma! Thanks for the link. :)