Friday, 5 June 2009

thoughts on worshipping with music

May 24,2009

After church-in-the-park I came home and went walking with my son. Then I went to "our church" to listen to ___ and visit with the brothers and sisters. He talked about worship. He even played a couple old-timey choruses on his guitar! Of course he said that worship is more than music, but he also talked about how music does lift our spirits and help us worship Father. I've been thinking about that, but feeling nervous about it because although there was a time I loved to worship in music, it seemed like maybe Father cut me off from it because it really became a pride and performance thing for me... and it got so I could hardly play my guitar and my singing was awful. But lately I've been sensing a nudge from Papa to get back to music - really as worship - and it did seem to me that it was a message meant for me.

I came home and made lunch, then did my Bible reading. And then I got my guitar out, and played and played - easier and better than I have for so long. Thank You, Papa! If You can use me in any way with my guitar or voice, let it be - as long as I do it in worship - to Your glory! (Please don't let me be about pride and performance ... and please forgive me for my "eye-rolling" and unkind words about other peoples' "performance worship" ... sorry... maybe a combination of jealousy and self-righteousness... oh dear... sorry...)

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