Monday, 28 February 2011

wanting answers to your "why" questions?

So many "whys" in life.  So much that doesn't make sense.  So many wonderings about the purpose (or not) of events.  So much wishing for easier understanding.  So many unanswered questions.

God, why don't you answer my whys?  How many times I have asked that!

Jeff McQ at Losing My Religion has explored this in an excellent post called "God doesn't have to explain Himself."

A couple of points that really resonate with me:

I think sometimes that's why God doesn't always answer right away--because we asked a question for which we had no grid to appreciate the answer, and He must first grow us to a point where we can handle the answer.

God doesn't seem to be in a hurry to answer those who demand an explanation, but He does seem to be willing to reveal more of Himself when He sees a heart that truly longs for Him.
Not a list of "easy answers" to the "why" question...  but some helpful and encouraging direction.  Read the whole article here.

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Dan Allen said...


I just finished reading Imaginary Jesus and a big source of the main character's (author's) struggle to find the real Jesus had to do with understanding why God didn't stop his wife's miscarriage. The answer he gets when he finally meets the real Jesus is powerful and encouraging. It certainly isn't an easy answer, or a complex theological treatise, but it is incredibly meaningful. I think that we like to invent theology to answer questions so that we don;t have to wait on and trust God to give us what we really need: Him.