Saturday, 26 February 2011

please pray for our street church family

This morning a boarding house which is one of the only places in our community that will take in street people, burned to the ground.  A good number of the 18 residents who have lost their home are regular attenders at our street church breakfast and other gatherings.  Here is a report from Pastor Peter of the Another Chance Street Ministry:

The Pine lodge was gutted by fire today every one is ok ,but everything was destroyed . Most jumped out of bed and got out Monty had no shoes same as others . All was lost , but the fire dept. emergency relief helped everyone about 20 mostly our street family or those on the edge have lodging till Monday morning at the Sandman Inn. Tineka and I found all the coats and clothing we could and also went to wall-mart for means and women's underwear , razors ,socks shoes , brushes etc. I will be back there after Church in the morning to see what else , they are all very upset and have no idea what is next . Please pray there is a lot of needs to be met and I have no idea exactly what they will be or how they will be met.

Pastor Peter

There is a news story on this item here.

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