Monday, 27 March 2017

The world's kingdoms

(originally journaled Oct. 26, 2016)

A friend visited yesterday and was saying he doesn't watch or listen to the news because it's all the same, over and over. And it pretty much is.

And--what can be done about it anyway? I don't know. I don't think politics will solve the world's problems because the so-called leaders seem to be pretty much puppets. The real power is hidden. I don't even know if "corporations" are the problem. There is a hidden power base behind even multi-nationals and super-rich people. And behind them all is the "prince of this world," the real enemy.

So we have to remember whose kingdom we belong to. Yours.

But how does that affect our life in the world's kingdoms? I wonder. If all Christians followed Jesus' life example, yes, there would be a lot more acts of love and compassion and healing and so on. But also a lot more persecution and suffering and martyrdom of believers--the cross we are called to bear. Because the world, under the enemy's power, hates those who truly love Jesus.

There are Christians who follow the examples where Jesus harshly called down the Pharisees and turned over the money changer tables--and there are Christians who quietly accept the world's punishment as Jesus did before Pilate and on the cross. And there are Christians who pray a great deal as Jesus did at night--and there are Christians who show love and compassion and healing as Jesus did.

Jesus did so many different things. But I think none of us can do all He did, righteously and balanced, because we are not God. So maybe we need to do the part(s) we're called to ... and not call down others who are called to other parts, and not become
"proud" of our part or get carried to an extreme by it.

Very complicated. Only possible by the powerful indwelling power of God. Help me, help us, Lord! Please!

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