Tuesday 20 October 2015

How do we get together daily?

Dear God,

Why, if You have liberated me, is that old "legalism-added" gospel -- which holds the basic truths but adds all those false "legal requirements" -- still hanging on in me?  How, oh how, does one more from the "intellectual assent" to living in the truth --living in Jesus, the Truth.

We have Your Spirit. We have You. We have Father.

But it seems that, wrapped as we still are in our same physical bodies, and minds built with, filled with culture, and religious teaching, and such, and surrounded by the culture and the "old" ways of the world... We need constant physical reminders, exhortation, modeling, encouragement...
We need each other. Your body. Physical, touchable, hearable, in-our-face so to speak.

Daily. "Aye, there's the rub." How do we get together daily? I'm really beginning to believe that a meeting -- or two, three, even -- a week, is NOT doing it.

I want, I need, "open house."

Why, oh why, can't people just drop in? We eat supper every day. Just come by. Potluck if you want, or just dig in to what's there.

And maybe, just maybe, I could "drop in" on you once in a while? (If that's not your thing, you can just say "no." After all, most people weren't brought up by my mom and grandparents, or in a First Nations village like my husband was).

As long as it doesn't become too programmed...

(I originally wrote this in my journal Sept 1, 2013. I'm digging into past writing, and will be sharing bits and pieces. As well as some current thoughts...)

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